January 19

Why I started writing?


Welcome to my blog. For many years I’ve been wanting to record my life journey somewhere. What really stop me is because my bad english or my ability to express myself using words. So doing this is really something challenging for me. In any case, now that I’ve started it, I will keep on writing and hope to improve overtime.

There are also many areas in my life that I would like to share, but it will be impossible to have them all available publicly online. Hence I’ve been thinking of the which direction I should be writing on. It is on 18th January 2015 that I’ve got a direction when I attended a Church District meeting when Sun Ho shared a word on stage saying “Don’t think about what you CAN’T do, but think about what you CAN do for God.” Thats how this blog started its life.

I’m not a Pastor or Bible Scholar, just an ordinary businessman were making money is my main priority. This blog will record all my personal spiritual encounters with God. It will also record burning questions in my mind as well as topics that Christians tries to shy away from. So I hope that this blog will bless you just as how I’ve been blessed throughout these years.

Stay Happy Always!


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