January 27

Parenting and Business



Entreprenuer.com is my favourite magazine and I really appreciate what the guys are doing over there. Because of this, i’ve made it my homepage. Today, there is an article that really encouraged me a lot. You can read it here (https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/242131). Its title is “5 Reassuring Tips for Better Balancing Entrepreneurship and Parenthood” which captures me because it is exactly where I am at this point of my life journey.

The first month of this year is almost over, and many had asked me whats my resolution for this year. Usually I’ll share and talk about prosperity and relate it to financial freedom, financial success and so forth. However this year, “Happiness” is what came to my mind. To think of it, prosperity is really more than just having lots of money and cashflow in your bank account. The bible relates prosperity with our soul in (3 John 1:2). Hence my resolution for this year is really to be prosper in my soul and pursue happiness, when this happens, the rest will come forth.

Stay happy!


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